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Top 3 Scary Facts About Cotton from Easydry Disposable Towels

10 Simple Steps to Go Green

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We owe it to our planet, ourselves and our children to try to reduce our carbon footprint. And if you want to go green, there are some small steps you can take that can add up to a big difference – switching to Easydry single-use towels and Refoil recycled aluminium foils is a great start. And don’t forget to let your clients know what you are doing. Most will be aware of green issues and keen to do their bit, so going green makes good business sense, as well as saving you money. For starters, here are ten tips to increase your energy efficiency. Turn it off. Never leave lights and electrical items on when you’re not using them, especially overnight. Electronic devices left on standby will still be using power. If you find this difficult, you could fit timers to appliances or motion-detecting light switches. And don’t forget to…

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