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Clients’ Climate Fears

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Australians are no dinosaurs when it comes to climate change, according to the Climate of the Nation report published in 2014 by the Climate Institute. In its survey of more than 1,000 people, a staggering 70 per cent said climate change was real. And of those 700-plus, 89 per cent (around 630 people) reckon we are feeling the impact already. Well, it’s hard to miss the droughts, fires and floods that have hit various parts of the country. If those people interviewed reflect a fair cross-section of our country – and the Climate Institute is confident they do – then it means salon clients are increasingly concerned about the planet. The Climate Institute is in a better place than us to measure changing attitudes, but we weren’t surprised by the findings at all. We talk to hundreds of salon owners and managers every month, mostly from our salon partners, but…

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How Big Are Your Balls?

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Carl Keely, the entrepreneurially spirited man behind Melbourne’s awesome Chumba Concept salon, never just looks at what’s in front of him. He’s the type of visionary who is constantly looking beyond. That’s why we love him. When we tried to sell the idea of Refoil, Easydry’s sister brand, his reply was classic Carl: ‘Don’t sell me a product. Sell me a marketing idea that my staff can fly with and my clients will buy into.’ So we asked him how big his balls were. That got his attention. In 2012, not long after we’d added Refoil to the Easydry family and renamed the overall company Orb, we launched the How Big Are Your Balls campaign (that’s balls of crushed up salon foils for recycling) as a way of thrusting a new product that could so easily have been overlooked into the limelight. It made everyone – hairdressers, clients and editors…

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Orb Salutes Water Saving Heroes

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It’s hats off to Orb clients, who have smashed all records again this year by using Easydry disposables instead of old-fashioned cotton towels to save millions of litres of the clear stuff during 2014. Topping the Easydry list this year was Wildlife, Woohoo Salon, Oscar Oscar, Axis Hairdressing, Togninis, eSalon, Zucci, Suki Hairdressing and Murphy Gozzard, to mention just a few. Well done, guys. In this, the 4th year of the awards, Easydry salons together saved more than 6 million litres of clean water over the course of 2014 simply by giving up the hugely wasteful process of washing and drying hundreds of towels, day in, day out. In addition, Refoil, Easydry’s fellow brand at Orb, saved over 2.6 million litres of water and 160,000 kilowatts of energy. Top marks went to Chumba Concept Salon and Circles of Subiaco for heading the list of Refoil water and energy-saving heroes, with…

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