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Easydry featured in Modern Barber Magazine in an article called Clean Up Duty

Clean Up Duty

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Every day your busy shop is Grand Central for dirt and bacteria. MB looks at the ways you can tame the tide.   You and your shop are under constant attack. Every day the people you touch and tend in your chair are bringing with them the places they’ve been, the people they have touched, the infections they carry. The whole idea could make you phobic. Thankfully there are plenty of easy ways to protect you and your clients from cross infection. Great hygiene habits allow you to manage the risks from exposure to viruses such as HIV, ┬áhepatitis, ‘Bird’ flu, herpes and bacterial infections such as staph which can result in MRSA and of course the mites that cause scabies and the dreaded head lice.   TOWELS AND GOWNS   “You can save time and money on the laundry by using biodegradable eco towels and barber capes which will…

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