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Easydry blog on the L'Oreal Colour Trophy final held in Dublin Ireland recently

Who are the top salons in Ireland?

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The Clayton Hotel in Dublin, Ireland, was the place to be recently as hundreds of salons flocked there for the 52nd annual L’Oreal Colour Trophy Grand Final. This fabulous event was hosted by the beautiful Irish TV Presenter   Pic: Andres Poveda Photography   Hotly contested categories included L’Oreal’s Men Image Award, the L’Oreal Colour Trophy Star Award and the L’Oreal Colour Trophy Award. This incredible event is held in over 35 countries around the globe and this year contestants were challenged to created “Hair Inspired by Fashion”!   So, who were the big winners on the night?   The big winners last night were: L’Oreal Men’s Image Award – Joanna Fogarty and Graham Molloy, Brown Sugar, Blackrock L’Oreal Colour Trophy STAR Award – Callum O’Donovan of The Edge Hair Design, Cork L’Oréal Colour Trophy Award – James Coleman and Laura Reid of Brown Sugar South William Street, Dublin 2….

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Easydry blog on tea towel hygiene and why Easydry disposable towels are better

Tea towels and food poisoning

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Tea towels and food poisoning   There have been a number of reports in the media recently linking tea towels to food poisoning! The reports stated that multi-use cotton or nylon towels used in kitchen had high levels of bacteria – in fact, bacterial growth was found in a staggering 49% of kitchen towels. Tea towels used to wipe surfaces had higher levels of bacteria than towels that were used for a single purpose only, like drying hands or dishes. Also, the amount of bacteria rose in larger families and families with children.   These reports are frightening and force us to examine what we use in the kitchen and how we use it. Reports advise that we should launder tea towels after every use. However, this can be expensive and time consuming. Plus most low temperature laundry cycles do not remove all bacteria. The research also recommends having a…

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Eco Salons article in Layered Online which mentions Easydry and ECOHEADS and features Easydry Ambassadors Jamie Stevens, Anne Veck and Karine Jackson.

How To Spot An Eco Friendly Salon (by Layered Online)

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Eco, eco, eco, eco – repeat a word enough times and it loses its meaning and never has this rung more true than for ‘eco’. We’re all about sustainability, environmentally-friendly salons and organic solutions, but what does it all actually mean and how can you spot a salon that’s truly eco-friendly?   The very nature of a salon means it’s easy to be wasteful of resources and energy (think of all that washing, colouring and blow-drying), so by making conscious decisions about your beauty routine, and encouraging your local salon to make some changes, we can make a huge difference to our planet – one shampoo at a time.   Here’s what to ask when looking for an eco-friendly salon     DOES THE SALON USE AND SELL GREEN PRODUCTS?   There are a lot of brands out there nowadays that try to be as eco-friendly as possible, whether that’s…

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