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Easydry Towel Hygiene

Easydry Towel Hygiene Experts

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There is a huge preoccupation with hygiene currently around the globe and rightly so. Salons and spas are at the frontline and are dealing with a lot of concern from clients and staff regarding hygiene. So, how can we help? Easydry disposable towels are made from medical-grade fibre. As they are single-use, they are more hygienic than multi-user cotton towels and traditional laundry. Using Easydry disposable towels is a great way to reassure your clients and your team, that your business offers the highest hygiene standards. Knowing that salons love to educate and inform their teams and their clients, Easydry has put together a short animation explaining how Easydry is the hygienic alternative to outdated cotton towels. Click here to view: So, what can you do? 1.Stock Easydry towels to assure your team and your clients that you have hygienic towels. Order online ( or or call 61 1300 071 714….

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