3 Scary Facts About Cotton

Top 3 Scary Facts About Cotton from Easydry Disposable Towels

3 Scary Facts About Cotton


Cotton is one of the most commonly used textiles in the world. It is used in our clothing, linen, furniture and even our food through cotton seed oil, but do you know the impact cotton is having on our planet?


  1. Where cotton comes from isn’t something that we have had to necessarily think about too much, it’s such a common place textile that we take it for granted. But when you start to look at the production of cotton a bit closer some of the statistics are quite scary.
  2.  Cotton is a thirsty plant, first and foremost. The amount of water required to make one tonne of cotton is staggering. 1kg of cotton (needed to manufacture 1 shirt and 1 pair of denim jeans) can take up to 20,000 litres of water in total to make! If you think about that for a second it really is astounding.
  3. Where does this water come from? 73% of all global cotton production requires irrigation, as natural rainfall isn’t enough. In 2 years (2010 – 2012) the USA used over 2.45 million litres of water just to grow cotton. This does not include the water that is needed to process cotton after it is grown. Some areas of the world that produce cotton are now running out of fresh water, with some even experiencing desertification as a result of cotton production. Climate change is a huge issue at the moment, and we are all looking for ways to minimise our carbon footprint.


The water wastage in cotton production is huge – in some countries it’s up to 60%. This water can run into rivers, other fields and lakes, carrying the pesticides and toxins used on cotton crops with it. * This results in the spread of chemicals into local environments killing animals, plants, birds and poisoning farmland. This chemical run off can also cause an assortment of health problems for residents who live nearby.


So how can we collectively reduce these risks and negative environmental impacts from cotton production? Salons, spas, gyms and barber shops around the world are making the change to Easydry disposable towels. This is a simple, cost effective change that can be made to reduce the harmful effects of cotton on the environment.


 What makes Easydry better than cotton?

  • We take our responsibilities seriously when it comes to sourcing raw materials. Firstly, the cultivation and production of our raw materials combined uses approximately 40 times less water than cotton.
  • The trees that provide our raw material come from sustainable, properly managed forestry. We use no chemical fertilisers or pesticides, artificial irrigation, genetic modification or illegally harvested wood.
  • Our trees are grown on marginal land unsuitable for food crops or human habitation.
  • Our forestry sources are continuously monitored, assessed and certified.
  • Easydry disposable towels are the only disposable towels to hold the FSC certification.
  • Cotton towels take over 3 years to biodegrade whereas Easydry towels take just 3 months, and are fully compostable.


Every salon, barber shop and spa that has made the switch report huge savings in water, electricity and detergent. By using Easydry disposable towels, staff no longer need to do endless laundry, in particular junior staff who often spend the majority of their time washing, folding and drying.
Multi award winning stylist Karine Jackson only uses Easydry disposable towels in her eco-salon. She tells us –
“We became an eco-salon 10 years ago. Clients are very aware of the environment, sometimes more aware than us hairdressers. Our industry is catching up quickly however, by using products like Easydry. Easydry is the original and best, and the performance is brilliant. Hygiene is key for me – with Easydry my clients get a fresh towel every time with no chance of infection or bacteria from poorly laundered cotton towels. 43 million towels will be washed this year in the UK alone, which is a staggering amount. Imagine the water that could be saved if every salon switched to Easydry disposable towels?”
The water, electricity and environmental savings that can be made by changing from outdated cotton to Easydry towels are huge.
Why not switch today and join the thousands of salons that are reducing their carbon footprint?
                                                           Check out our online store for more!

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