A Clearer Future

Here at Easydry, we love hearing about innovations that could help the planet by curbing or even reversing our disastrous slide into ever more waste and energy consumption. So we were amazed and excited by the news that a US company, Ubiquitous Energy, has started development of the world’s first see-through solar panels. The technology was first reported last year, but unlike so many reported innovations that end up having little immediate practical value outside the laboratory, this one seems up and raring to go. Unlike traditional solar panels, they work by absorbing the light we can’t see – the invisible part of the spectrum, and even though that makes them less efficient than traditional panels, the potential application is enormous. Just imagine all those giant glass skyscrapers in Sydney and Melbourne harvesting the sun’s energy all day, every day. Or your own salon window!

On a smaller scale, they can be used in phone and tablet screens, meaning you’d never have to charge your phone or iPad again.

Ubiquitous engineers are now working on practical applications, trying to increase the efficiency so the technology becomes cost-effective. We’ll be keeping an eye out for further developments.

With scientists and engineers the world over focusing on energy as never before, we reckon the next-generation of energy-saving and renewable energy technologies promises some pretty exciting stuff. Last month, for instance, it was announced that solar and wind power are now the cheapest sources of new energy supply in the United Arab Emirates. We could do that here. We should be setting up miles of solar panels in the outback (sensitively, of course). It’s all good news for those, like us, who believe our relentless exploitation of fossil fuels is unsustainable, and a major cause of changing weather patterns that have brought drought across Australia and many other parts of the world.

Meanwhile, don’t forget that you’re doing your bit to help save precious energy and water resources by using our Easydry disposable towels rather than old-fashioned, eco-disastrous cotton ones. So spread the word and help us all look towards a brighter future.

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