Are rising energy costs a threat to your business?

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Are rising energy costs a threat to your business?


Hair and beauty salons are two of the most energy intensive businesses there are, so naturally rising energy costs are a concern to the industry. A new survey for Utilita Energy has revealed that 63% of independent hairdressers in the UK fear that the increasing cost of energy is crippling their future.


The survey also states that 42% of hair salons feel they get an unfair deal from energy suppliers, and 71% say they have been caught out by unexpected T&Cs such as crippling rates, inflexible payment terms, high deposits and extended contracts. These figures are quite scary, and naturally a cause of concern to any salon owner. Rising energy rates, coupled with high rents, wages and water charges mean that it can often feel like there is an endless supply of bills to pay.


The Utilita Energy survey also revealed that 15% of independent salons have been cut off by their energy supplier for missing a payment. This is a nightmare situation for any salon owner – but luckily there are ways to reduce costs and lower energy bills. By making small and simple changes it’s possible to reduce energy and water costs. For example, changing to LED bulbs could save up to 80% of energy used by halogen spotlights. Investing in energy efficient appliances can make a difference, even changing to an ‘A’ rated kettle could reduce your energy bill!


Ensuring that staff switch off straighteners, dryers, coffee machines and computers as often as they can will help also. A huge source of energy usage is the washing machine. In many salons the washing machine and dryer can be in use almost all day, and these machines are tough on electricity. Salons who have switched to Easydry disposable towels have eliminated laundry from their salons completely.


Easydry towels ensure every client receives a clean, fresh, luxurious towel every time. Not only do Easydry towels save salons thousands each year on energy bills they also free up junior staff and apprentices! It’s a win win.

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