Australian-born Karine Jackson gives her top tips for eco businesses

Karine Jackson Easydry Case Study

Eco-friendly salons are gaining in popularity over the past number of years and none more so than former London Hairdresser of the Year– Karine Jackson.


At Karine Jackson they feel that their unique selling point is their organic colouring services – Karine, who holds the prestigious L’Oreal Colour Specialist Degree, putting her in the top 1% of L’Oreal Colourists in the UK – specialises in ammonia-free organic colouring about which she is hugely passionate. Some of the many inspiring eco-friendly initiatives they have introduced in the salon include:

  • * Eco friendly water taps
  • * Organic Colour Systems colour and products in the salon
  • * Only mixing the colour they need – not putting unnecessary waste into the water system
  • * Recycling everything possible
  • * Using Easydry towels instead of cotton towels
  • * When new staff join, the induction includes information about saving water and being eco friendly when possible


As Karine explains “We’re very keen on being as eco-friendly as possible in salon, from recycling to using Organic Colour Systems. Using Easydry has saved us hundreds of pounds in electricity. It’s amazing how these small things will help you protect the environment as well as saving you money on electricity and water bills. As we only use one eco-friendly Easydry towel per client, we’re not wasting money having cotton towels laundered, which saves the salon so much.”


Karine has found additional cost savings from making the switch to Easydry. “We’re not spending as much on water and electricity since we switched to Easydry. The beauty industry has been incredibly slow to get eco-friendly – if we don’t start soon as an industry, we’ll be left behind. It’s so important to preserve what we’ve got.”


In the salon, they find that making the switch to Easydry has not only added to their eco friendly ethos, it also saves them time and makes the salon more efficient. Karine explains: “Our apprentices spend a lot of time washing and drying towels when they could be working more efficiently on other tasks. I know most salons struggle with getting apprentices and as we don’t have many, their time could be spent helping stylists.


Karine is aware that she can’t make these eco-friendly changes alone. Her salon team focuses strongly on education and reinforcing her message. She explains: “Don’t just follow these rules yourself – make sure you’re team are aware of all the small things they can do to be eco-friendly. In the salon we ensure that we have signs on the staffroom board as well as talking about it in our team meetings – it’s important that the staff know how important this is.”


Karine Jackson not only uses Easydry towels, she also loves the Easydry Shoulder Capes which protect the clients clothing while leaving the client feeling comfortable and looking elegant. The capes are also single use and eco friendly.


So, what are Karine’s top tips for business success?

1. A great team that all take ownership of the salon.
2. Waste is costly so make sure your team thinks about what they are using.
3. Plan your year’s training in advance. Identify what each team member needs and tailor the plan to them.
4. Get a brilliant business plan in place and be aware of your costs.
5. Listen


Karine Jackson has won the following awards / accolades to date:

  • * Chancellor for the Fellowship for British Hairdressing
  • * London Hairdresser of the year 2007
  • * Signature Style award, the Fellowship Awards
  • * Stylist of the Year, Salon Business Awards 2014
  • * Hair Trend, Most Wanted Awards 2015


To learn more about Karine Jackson and her salon, please check her out as follows:


Twitter: or @kjlkarine

Instagram: or @karinemjackson

Facebook:     karine jackson hair and beauty

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