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Easydry hygienic towels featured in the Good Salon Guide

Good Salon Guide reports on Easydry The Hygienic Towel for your Clients

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There is a huge preoccupation with hygiene currently around the globe and rightly so. Salons and spas are dealing with a lot of concern from clients and staff regarding hygiene. So, how can Easydry help?

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Eco Salons article in Layered Online which mentions Easydry and ECOHEADS and features Easydry Ambassadors Jamie Stevens, Anne Veck and Karine Jackson.

How To Spot An Eco Friendly Salon (by Layered Online)

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Eco, eco, eco, eco – repeat a word enough times and it loses its meaning and never has this rung more true than for ‘eco’. We’re all about sustainability, environmentally-friendly salons and organic solutions, but what does it all actually mean and how can you spot a salon that’s truly eco-friendly?   The very nature of a salon means it’s easy to be wasteful of resources and energy (think of all that washing, colouring and blow-drying), so by making conscious decisions about your beauty routine, and encouraging your local salon to make some changes, we can make a huge difference to our planet – one shampoo at a time.   Here’s what to ask when looking for an eco-friendly salon     DOES THE SALON USE AND SELL GREEN PRODUCTS?   There are a lot of brands out there nowadays that try to be as eco-friendly as possible, whether that’s…

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Easydry blog on tea towel hygiene and why Easydry disposable towels are better

Are rising energy costs a threat to your business?

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Are rising energy costs a threat to your business?   Hair and beauty salons are two of the most energy intensive businesses there are, so naturally rising energy costs are a concern to the industry. A new survey for Utilita Energy has revealed that 63% of independent hairdressers in the UK fear that the increasing cost of energy is crippling their future.   The survey also states that 42% of hair salons feel they get an unfair deal from energy suppliers, and 71% say they have been caught out by unexpected T&Cs such as crippling rates, inflexible payment terms, high deposits and extended contracts. These figures are quite scary, and naturally a cause of concern to any salon owner. Rising energy rates, coupled with high rents, wages and water charges mean that it can often feel like there is an endless supply of bills to pay.   The Utilita Energy survey also revealed that…

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Top 3 Scary Facts About Cotton from Easydry Disposable Towels

3 Scary Facts About Cotton

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3 Scary Facts About Cotton   Cotton is one of the most commonly used textiles in the world. It is used in our clothing, linen, furniture and even our food through cotton seed oil, but do you know the impact cotton is having on our planet?   Where cotton comes from isn’t something that we have had to necessarily think about too much, it’s such a common place textile that we take it for granted. But when you start to look at the production of cotton a bit closer some of the statistics are quite scary.  Cotton is a thirsty plant, first and foremost. The amount of water required to make one tonne of cotton is staggering. 1kg of cotton (needed to manufacture 1 shirt and 1 pair of denim jeans) can take up to 20,000 litres of water in total to make! If you think about that for a…

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Matrix Magazine May 2017 - Jamie Stevens talks about sustainability and Easydry towels.

Matrix Biolage R.A.W. Magazine – VIS-A-VIS with JAMIE STEVENS

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Matrix Biolage R.A.W. Magazine – VIS-A-VIS with JAMIE STEVENS   We are delighted to be featured in the Matrix Haircare Biolage R.A.W. Magazine in the UK. Read how Biolage ambassador, award-winning salon owner, Jamie Stevens made his salon more sustainable, including Easydry Products!   R.A.W. Life   VIS-A-VIS with JAMIE STEVENS  And his journey towards sustainability   Nominated as British Hairdresser of the Year for several times, Creative Head’s Hair Icon of the Year Nominee 2015, International Ambassador for Matrix hair care – Jamie Stevens does not need to be introduced, as the many awards and accolades speak for themselves. As a #liveRAW ambassador, Jamie has embarked months ago on a sustainable journey – can he win the award for being eco-friendly? Let’s find out!   Matrix: Jamie, can you give us some tips that can be implemented in a salon to reduce the carbon foot print? Jamie: “When we…

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Matrix Biolage R.A.W. Magazine May 2017 - Sustainable Ideas featuring Easydry biodegradable towels

Matrix Biolage R.A.W. Magazine – Sustainable Business Hacks

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Easydry is delighted to be included in the new Matrix Biolage R.A.W. magazine in the UK and Ireland.   R.A.W. Life Sustainable Business Hacks Be the change you want to see!     The choices you make in salons can go a long way – from savings on utility bills to a reduction of your carbon footprint, here are some of our top tips on how to embrace sustainability on a daily basis.   A Bright Idea Energy efficient bulbs might seem more expensive to buy, but they last longer and waste less energy. Look closely at labels when buying light bulbs for your salon: those marked CFLs (compact fluorescent lights) last 10 times longer and use 66% less energy than incandescent bulbs while delivering the same light levels.   Sponsor sustainable transport solutions Encourage your staff to carpool to work, use public transport or cycle.   Ever heard of biodegradable…

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Refoil Pop Ups from Orb Distribution

Refoil Product Range

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Refoil Product Range Did you know that Orb Distribution stocks a full range of products from Refoil. Whatever type of foil you need, we have you covered. This exciting eco-friendly range includes products from catering foil to pre cuts and the latest edition to the family – Refoil Popups. Here is a run down of some of the products:   Refoil Catering Foil: The Refoil catering range includes Heavy duty and traditional catering foil. Both options are made from the same premium-quality recycled aluminium as the other Refoil products. Now you can have the cost-effectiveness of catering rolls, but with a professional-grade salon foil. To learn more, click HERE.   Refoil Classic: this has long been regarded as Australia’s favorite salon professional roll. For years salons have been in love with this jumbo roll, weighing in at 2 kilos. It is a true classic that has stood the test of time, it is great…

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Green Awards 2016 Logo - Easydry Shortlist for 7 awards

Easydry Shortlisted for 7 Green Awards!

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The Green Awards annually recognises the eco-friendly credentials of top organisations in Ireland. The Green Awards 2016 Shortlist was announced yesterday and Easydry has been shortlisted for a staggering seven awards!   CEO Anne Butterly has been honoured with two award nominations for “Green Leader 2016” and “Green Entrepreneur 2016”. She previously won the awards for “Green Entepreneur 2015” and “Green Leader 2011”.   The Easydry Green Team has been recognised for their work on the  “Easydry Water Savings Certificates” project.   Easydry has been shortlisted as “Green Small Organisation of the Year 2016” in a tough category which includes Tan Organic and a number of other prestigious companies. The “Green Manufacturer 2016” is another fiercely contested category and Easydry was honoured to be shortlisted along with seven other organisations including Bausch And Lomb and Dairygold. Easydry won the inaugural “Sustainable Water Achievement Award 2015”. They are delighted to again be…

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Orb Distribution present Refoil press coverage in INSTYLE Magazine December 2015

INSTYLE Magazine: Refoil Pop Ups

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Refoil Pop Ups   Refoils newest Refoil Pop Up Pack is tailored for salons looking to take the green road. The 14 micron sheets come in boxes of 500 for colourists keen to reduce their impact on the planet. The premium grade foils are provided in a catering roll for customisation. Reduce your ecological footprint and employ premium quality and convenience into your business.   To order your Refoil Pop ups: 1. Contact 1300 071 714 2. email 3. visit    Reproduced with kind permission of INSTYLE Magazine. To visit INSTYLE Magazine please click here:    

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