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Orb Christmas 2020

Festives Dates and Deadlines Dec 2020 to Jan 2021

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Easydry Australia / Orb Distribution is open but our couriers are busier than normal so we unfortunately can’t guarantee our normal delivery times. Many salons are ordering extra stock now to see them through Christmas and into mid-January.  Please check your stock levels today to make sure you don’t run out at the busiest time of the year. Why not take the guesswork out of ordering your Easydry products at the busiest time of the year? Speak to our expert customer care team today about your needs during the hectic festive season. Why not consider the following options: Order double your usual order now, to last you through to January? Order your usual amount plus a bit extra just in case? Pre-Order today – schedule your delivery for mid-December or January! NB the following festive dates and deadlines: Our offices will be closed from 12 PM AEST on THursday 24th December and…

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Easydry hygienic towels featured in the Good Salon Guide

Good Salon Guide reports on Easydry The Hygienic Towel for your Clients

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There is a huge preoccupation with hygiene currently around the globe and rightly so. Salons and spas are dealing with a lot of concern from clients and staff regarding hygiene. So, how can Easydry help?

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Eco Salons article in Layered Online which mentions Easydry and ECOHEADS and features Easydry Ambassadors Jamie Stevens, Anne Veck and Karine Jackson.

How To Spot An Eco Friendly Salon (by Layered Online)

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Eco, eco, eco, eco – repeat a word enough times and it loses its meaning and never has this rung more true than for ‘eco’. We’re all about sustainability, environmentally-friendly salons and organic solutions, but what does it all actually mean and how can you spot a salon that’s truly eco-friendly?   The very nature of a salon means it’s easy to be wasteful of resources and energy (think of all that washing, colouring and blow-drying), so by making conscious decisions about your beauty routine, and encouraging your local salon to make some changes, we can make a huge difference to our planet – one shampoo at a time.   Here’s what to ask when looking for an eco-friendly salon     DOES THE SALON USE AND SELL GREEN PRODUCTS?   There are a lot of brands out there nowadays that try to be as eco-friendly as possible, whether that’s…

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Easydry blog on tea towel hygiene and why Easydry disposable towels are better

Are rising energy costs a threat to your business?

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Are rising energy costs a threat to your business?   Hair and beauty salons are two of the most energy intensive businesses there are, so naturally rising energy costs are a concern to the industry. A new survey for Utilita Energy has revealed that 63% of independent hairdressers in the UK fear that the increasing cost of energy is crippling their future.   The survey also states that 42% of hair salons feel they get an unfair deal from energy suppliers, and 71% say they have been caught out by unexpected T&Cs such as crippling rates, inflexible payment terms, high deposits and extended contracts. These figures are quite scary, and naturally a cause of concern to any salon owner. Rising energy rates, coupled with high rents, wages and water charges mean that it can often feel like there is an endless supply of bills to pay.   The Utilita Energy survey also revealed that…

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Top 3 Scary Facts About Cotton from Easydry Disposable Towels

3 Scary Facts About Cotton

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3 Scary Facts About Cotton   Cotton is one of the most commonly used textiles in the world. It is used in our clothing, linen, furniture and even our food through cotton seed oil, but do you know the impact cotton is having on our planet?   Where cotton comes from isn’t something that we have had to necessarily think about too much, it’s such a common place textile that we take it for granted. But when you start to look at the production of cotton a bit closer some of the statistics are quite scary.  Cotton is a thirsty plant, first and foremost. The amount of water required to make one tonne of cotton is staggering. 1kg of cotton (needed to manufacture 1 shirt and 1 pair of denim jeans) can take up to 20,000 litres of water in total to make! If you think about that for a…

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