Chilled Clients

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Chill your clients with Easydry Cold Towels

Chilled Clients


Temperatures are soaring and you want to make your clients feel cool, relaxed and refreshed. Here are our top tips to chill your clients:


1.  Easydry Towel 

Clients don’t want a warm, bulky cotton towel on their head or shoulders during a heatwave! Why not swap to light but super-absorbent Easydry towels? The towel is light on your clients shoulders and doesn’t generate heat – an amazing selling point at the hottest time of the year!


2. Easydry Cold Towel / Thermal Towel

Did you know that Easydry has a beautifully textured towel specially designed to be heated or cooled? This towel can easily be chilled and offered to clients as a cool compress or refreshing towel on arrival for their appointment.

  1. Moisten the towel with cold water. If you like you can add a few drops of lemon juice to introduce a pleasant aroma.
  2. Squeeze the towel to remove excess moisture and roll to make it look attractive.
  3. Chill the towel to the required temperature.

Your clients will love their refreshing welcome towel when they arrive hot and bothered for their appointment. To learn more about the Easydry Cold Towel, click HERE.


3. Easy & Healthy Refreshing Beverages

What else can you do to chill your clients? Why not offer refreshing beverages like infused water?

Simply source ingredients like

  • ice
  • lemon
  • cucumber
  • mint
  • ginger
  • strawberry
  • melon

Add any combination to tap water to make a low-calorie, highly-refreshing and delicious drink. Ask your salon team to put their imaginations to work and have a competition to suggest the best infusion?



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