Clients’ Climate Fears

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Australians are no dinosaurs when it comes to climate change, according to the Climate of the Nation report published in 2014 by the Climate Institute. In its survey of more than 1,000 people, a staggering 70 per cent said climate change was real. And of those 700-plus, 89 per cent (around 630 people) reckon we are feeling the impact already. Well, it’s hard to miss the droughts, fires and floods that have hit various parts of the country.

If those people interviewed reflect a fair cross-section of our country – and the Climate Institute is confident they do – then it means salon clients are increasingly concerned about the planet.

The Climate Institute is in a better place than us to measure changing attitudes, but we weren’t surprised by the findings at all. We talk to hundreds of salon owners and managers every month, mostly from our salon partners, but sometimes just guys phoning up for a chat and bit of info on our range of luxury, sustainable products, and often the conversation turns to client attitudes. Increasingly, we hear of clients quizzing their stylists about waste, colour formulas, packaging, sulphates and preservatives. We can’t ignore that change in attitudes.

It’s fantastic that so many in our industry are themselves concerned enough about sustainability to do something about it – such as adopting Easydry towels instead of water and energy-guzzling traditional towels; but so many more need to take it to heart. Their clients are, and if these salons want to keep their clients they must start addressing their concerns now. It’s not difficult to introduce eco-considerate policies, from being more on top of waste, converting lighting to low wattage, swapping dirty, laundry-guzzling towels for Easydry to remembering to switch off all those machines on standby. Small steps joined together make up huge leaps for our industry.

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