Easydry CEO speaking about female entrepreneurship

Easydry CEO speaking about female entrepreneurship

Anne Butterly, Easydry Founder and CEO was delighted to receive an invitation to speak to UCD Quinn School of Business Students about her journey from Quinn to Quintrepreneur as part of Enterprise Week!  She was included as part of their #EnterpriseWeek along with Sean Gallagher, Keelings, Enterprise Ireland, Glendalough Distillery and Boojum.


Anne always had an interest in education and entrepreneurship. When she was in UCD, she was the only student and in particular, the only female student interested in starring her own business. If fact, her thesis was called: ““Motivational and process factors influencing and affecting female entrepreneurs in Ireland”.


Anne attended the Quinn School of Business where she completed a B Comm in Accounting and the an MBS In Business with marketing electives. After graduation, Anne worked in various companies in marketing roles which allowed her to build on her knowledge from UCD. When she was struck with her business idea (Easydry), she had the knowledge and experience to become a female entrepreneur.  Easydry began with one product and one employee and it has grown over the past fifteen years to an organisation with staff in several countries and customers in almost thirty countries including the USA, Australia, the UK and the Middle East.


Anne recently took part in the Vital Voices Global Ambassadors Programme which is sponsored by Bank of America and includes successful businesswomen like Norah Casey. This programme identifies strong female leaders and aims to mentor  and up-skill them.


Recent research shows that successful women are extremely curious. It is this trait plus being able to see a woman that you can aspire to be like and great mentorship are the key ingredients for success. Recent statistics from Enterprise Ireland show that in 2016 just 37% of businesses founded that year, were founded by women! Anne hopes that by taking part in speaking engagements like this one for Enterprise Week in UCD, Quinn School of Business, will encourage entrepreneurship and in particular, female entrepreneurs.


To learn more about UCD, click HERE.     https://www.ucd.ie/

To learn more about the UCD Lochlann Quinn School of Business, click HERE.       http://www.ucd.ie/quinn/

To learn more about Enterprise Ireland, click HERE.          https://enterprise-ireland.com/en/

To learn more about The Irish Governments report into Female Entrepreneurship in Ireland, click HERE.                https://dbei.gov.ie/en/What-We-Do/Business-Sectoral-Initiatives/Entrepreneurship-/Female-Entrepreneurship/

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