Easydry Cold Compress for Clients at Christmas

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Easydry Oshibori Towel

Easydry Cold Compress for Clients at Christmas


You no doubt already know that the Easydry Thermal Towel can be heated for use in hot shaves and facials. But did you know it can also be chilled and used as a Cool Welcome Towel or cold compress. This is the ideal way to greet hot and bothered clients during the extreme temperatures at this time of year.


How to create your cold compress:

  1. Add some water to an Easydry Thermal Towel
  2. Gently squeeze to remove excess moisure
  3. Roll to make the towels look inviting
  4. Chill to the required temperature
  5. Offer the inviting Chilled Easydry Welcome Towel to your clients


As an added touch of luxury, why not add some lemon juice to the towel to add a fresh fragrance?

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