Easydry Featured in Salon Business Magazine

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Easydry Featured in Salon Business Magazine with Anne Butterlys Vytal Views

Easydry and Orb Distribution founder Anne Butterly, was featured in Salon Business Magazine recently with her #VytalViews.


Last month saw National Cut Your Energy Costs day, and while it wasn’t aimed specifically at salons – as one of the biggest contributors to greenhouse emissions across the UK – we think it’s a good time to take stock. We teamed up with Angela Byrne from Vytal [the parent parent company to Easydry] for her tips on being greener.


Every day salons up and down the country are throwing towels, uniforms and anything else, into the washing machine and dryer without a second thought – just one of many ways salons are contributing hugely to greenhouse emissions in the UK.


Laundry specifically, uses huge amounts of energy and can even release microfibres into water. It is believed that washing just one synthetic garment releases about 2,000 plastic microfibres, which enter the ocean and the food chain [Browne M A et al 2011]. That’s before we even consider the amount of water consumed and the amount of waste water produced.


Even before your laundry makes it to the washing machine, it’s created a huge dent in our green credentials. According to National Geographic, it takes 2700 litres of water to make just one cotton shirt – which is the same amount as one person drinks in 2.5 years. If that’s the data for a cotton shirt, what about cotton towels? Not only are they not eco-friendly to produce, they also use approximately five litres of water each time they’re laundered!

What you can do?


– Turn lights, televisions, radios, and everything else off – not just on standby, off – when they’re not being used

– Invest in eco-friendly technology

– Don’t waste food. Perhaps get staff to put money in a pot each week for essentials such as bread and milk that everyone is using so there’s no wastage.

– Re-use hair as animal repellent in the garden, or compost it by layering it with other green material between brown such as dry leaves, wood chips, newspaper.

– Recycle everything

– Cut out plastic or up-cycle old bottles for plant pots, storage, or fill with hair for anyone who wants animal repellent in their garden!

– Use LED light bulbs

– Insulate the salon

– Fix it, don’t throw it. The internet gives you access to the tools and information you need to fix practically anything, and if you still can’t fix it then why not try and turn it into something else?

– Use eco-friendly cleaning products

– Encourage staff to walk or bike to work or car share at worst

– Got some garden? Plant some trees

Reproduced with Kind Permission of Salon Business Magazine.

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