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Our good friends over at the Australian Hairdressing Council recently published a whole load of fascinating statistics about salon life. Of course, we had a quick look through to see what insights and illuminations they offered.

One of the things that stood out for us was that the majority of clients interviewed said their favourite part of their salon visit was the whole backwash experience. When you think about it, this should come as no surprise. After all, it’s here salons can, and do, add in all those little extras that make getting your hair done a luxurious experience. The client can lie back and relax while you apply some lovely scented shampoos and conditioners, maybe give a soothing and invigorating head massage.

And then what? Sadly, all too many salons then bring their valued clients back down to Earth with a bump as they pull out the cotton towel and give the head a good old rub. This does nothing for the hair condition, as the rubbing action damages the hair shaft. Then, maybe the hair is wrapped up in a heavy and cumbersome towel turban while the client waits for the stylist to come and cut her hair. A few drips down the back merely add to overall effect.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. These days it’s all about the client experience. Clients expect to be indulged. And Easydry is part of that. Using an Easydry towel in place of old-fashioned and unhygienic cotton towels has turned hair drying from a chore to part of the ritual. It’s also more effective than using cotton towels, leaving the hair just damp enough for the next stage in the client’s salon journey.

Creating a turban from an Easydry towel is easy. You can see how it works here. And the turban wrapping technique is part of the Easydry training programme that’s available for all salons that make the switch from cotton to Easydry. As well as in-person training from your salon’s Easydry contact, there’s a whole load of videos online to refresh and show new assistants how to use Easydry to their best advantage. These quick and easy seminars give details on all aspects of drying hair effectively, from gowning up clients to wrapping the signature Easydry turban. Every one of them helps turn a previously mundane act into part of your salon’s pampering ritual.

But don’t just take our word for it. Emiliano Vitale, creative director over at é SALON, is one who long ago joined the Easydry revolution. A while ago, he told us: ‘It is so much more comfortable to wrap a client’s hair in a lightweight yet absorbent Easydry than a heavy towel that often simply unfurls and falls off the client. Easydry is light and stays securely in place once wrapped properly. And as Easydry blots hair it continues to suck moisture from the hair while the client waits, so the hair is left damp enough but not too damp for styling.’

So there you have it. Just one more reason why Easydry beats cotton every time to give the best drying experience for you, your team and your clients.

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