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Easydry 100% Compostable Long Black Gown – features and benefits:

We have already received feedback from salons that they and their clients love this product and clients have found that they don’t overheat under the Easydry Compostable gown, they way they would under plastic or fabric gowns.

  • Full-length black gown, protecting the guest and the stylist.
  • The gown is water and colour resistant! Great for balayage.
  • The eco-friendly material is very soft and sits well on the client – giving them a comfortable and hygienic salon experience.
  • The gown is 100% compostable and OK Compost certified.
  • All you need is 1 Easydry gown and 1 towel per client!

Easydry 100% Compostable Long Black Gown – How To Use

  1. Fasten the gown securely around the clients neck ensuring there are no gaps.
  2. Tuck the bow / knot under / inside the gown.
  3. Ensure the two sides of the gown cross over at the back fully to ensure the clients back is protected.
  4. If the client has very long hair (mermaid / Kardashian hair), the long side of the gown can be worn at the back instead of the front for extra coverage.

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