Easydry Long Black Compostable Gown and Easydry Towel

Anne Veck: “Easydry’s latest innovation, their 100% compostable long gown, arrived in the nick of time to help us manage social distancing and safety when we reopened 4th July. They are nice and roomy which means they do the job and are comfortable for the client.”

Dylan Bradshaw: “I really like the new Easydry 100% composable gowns. They’re very good quality it’s almost a shame to throw them out after one use – they’re that good! The main advantage is that they’re compostable. It’s very important to us as leaders in our industry, that our clients journey through the salon has low environmental impact – low laundry and water consumption and low waste.“

Jo Anderson: “The Easydry 100% compostable long black gowns are amazing – they look good and feel great on the clients, as well as being compostable.”

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