Easydry Range for Aged Care

Do you run a senior living residence, an aged care facility, an old age home or a nursing home?

If so, you are probably very concerned about hygiene for your patients and residents at the moment with the spread of the COVID19 / Corona Virus Pandemic.  A number of aged care facilities have contacted us recently to see how we can help.

Easydry has a range of towels from hand towels, to hair towels to bath towels – each towel is ideal for patient care. All of our towels are made from medical grade fibre and, as they are single-use, they are more hygienic than cotton towels and traditional laundry. We have a full range of products that could suit your needs:

Easydry Aged Care Range

  • Easydry Hand Towels
  • Easydry Short Towels
  • Easydry Hair Towels
  • Easydry Bath Towels
  • Easydry Bed Roll

Using Easydry disposable, medical-grade towels is the ideal way to reassure your patients and residents about the hygiene precautions you have taken. Order yours today!

What is an Easydry towel?

Easydry towels are a new, more hygienic and gentler way to dry. Not only do they help in the battle against infection by guaranteeing a clean towel for every aged care resident, every time, but they are three times more absorbent than cotton towels and far kinder to the environment. Patented technology also ensures our towels are lint-free.

Why choose Easydry for your aged care facility?

Each resident receives a new Easydry single-user towel, protecting against the threat of infection and cross-contamination possible with reusable towels. It also removes the need for a laundry system. After use the towel is simply discarded in a general waste or recycling bin. Residents will appreciate the soft material, which is kinder to sensitive skin than a harsh cotton towel.

  • Infection control: Easydry allows you to offer each resident a single-user, multiple-use disposable towel. The towel can be re-used several times by or on the same person.
  • Hygiene: Each Easydry towel is manufactured in an enclosed clean room to ensure the highest standards of hygiene. Each resident receives his or her own new personal towel, allowing you to increase hygiene standard and reduce the risk of cross-contamination. Easydry has been awarded ISO 9002 for hygiene.
  • Cost-effective: A lifecycle evaluation, taking into account the costs of transportation, storage, laundering, loss and, most importantly, labour (folding, packing of towels etc), shows using Easydry costs far less than using traditional cotton towels.
  • Absorbent and lint-free: Easydry towels are three times more absorbent than cotton towels, thanks to the patented technology used in their production. Our towels are also lint-free.
  • Space-saving: A typical mobile laundry crate holds around 250 bath towels – or  3,000 Easydry towels. Switching to Easydry brings significant savings in transportation and storage costs.
  • Environment: Easydry has measured in detail the sustainable benefits that come with switching to the Easydry system in terms of water, power and carbon footprint. Each Easydry towel saves five litres litres of water compared to  washing and drying just one cotton towel. Easydry is the only disposable towel in the world to be awarded the FSC-COC certificate.

Resisting infection

Easydry towels are made from a revolutionary material constructed using naturally bacteria-resistant fibres. These fibres inhibit bacteria growth without the use of chemical additives. The fibres themselves are produced in a way that allows them to absorb moisture directly from the skin and transport it to the inside of the fibre, where it is retained, preventing bacteria growth.

Easydry fibres are not woven like cotton; instead they are bonded together. Non-woven cellulose fibres are more resistant to bacteria growth than the woven fibres in  cotton and other  man-made textiles.

Using Easydry disposable towels is the ideal way to reassure your patients and residents about the hygiene precautions you have taken. Order yours today!

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