Easydry shortlisted for five Green Awards

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Green Awards 2019

We are so proud that as Easydry globally celebrates its 15th year in business, we have been honoured with an incredible 5 nominations in the prestigious Green Awards. We are up against tough competition as other companies recognised by the awards include Diageo, Intel, Pfizer, and Bristol-Myers Squibb.


Easydry has been shortlisted in the following categories:

  1. Green Product
  2. Green Technology
  3. Green Small Organisation
  4. Green Manufacturer
  5. Sustainable Water Achievement categories

The awards celebrate the company that has made the most significant contribution to tackling climate change and helped encourage others to do the same. Our CEO, Anne Butterly, has dedicated the last 15 years, since inventing the first ever disposable, eco-friendly salon towel, helping salons across the globe cut their water use. In the process she has massively reduced the industry’s carbon footprint. Easydry has enabled salons to save millions of litres of water worldwide.


A place in the finals of the Small Organisation category is recognition of our impeccable environmental practices that include using e-invoicing, choosing the most eco-friendly transport method and using recyclable / compostable packaging where possible. Last year, Easydry introduced WaterWeave™, a patented technology that enhanced its multi award-winning towel, making it stronger, softer, more absorbent and even more eco-friendly. Now salons have more solutions available for what were once considered intractable problems and Easydry has been able to improve existing products.


‘We have always put innovation and sustainability at the heart of what we do so that we can help other businesses protect the planet. But not at the expense of their client service,’ said Anne. ‘Being eco-friendly must never be a compromise. Our customers are able to reduce their carbon footprint by using Easydry, but the most important benefit is that Easydry allows salons to improve client care by offering the softest, most hygienic disposable towel possible.’


The winners will be revealed at the black tie gala awards ceremony on Tuesday, February 26th, at the Clayton Hotel Burlington Road, Dublin.


To learn more and view the full list of companies recognised – click HERE   http://www.greenawards.ie/shortlist

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