Easydry Signs Barber Ambassadors

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Chris Foster and Gary Machin sign as Easydry Ambassadors. Easydry – A Vytal Innovation for Barbers

Easydry Signs Barber Ambassadors

Chris Foster and Gary Machin sign as Easydry Ambassadors.

Easydry – A Vytal Innovation for Barbers


Easydry has long been an essential product for hair salons around the globe. Since it’s launch over 12 years ago, Easydry has become a fast favourite for top hair salons like Ken Picton, Hooker and Young and Not Another Salon in the UK. But what about the barber industry?


Easydry understands that the barber industry is completely different to the hairdressing industry – with different needs and preferences. Easydry has spent a considerable amount of time in recent years researching the products that barbers need and more importantly, want.



Easydry has released two essential products for barbers and male grooming:

• The Easydry Short Towel – measuring 30cm x 60cm, this product is ideal for drying shorter hair. It is super absorbent and works brilliantly. This towel is available in black or white and in different quantities to suit businesses of all sizes. It drys hair quickly, takes up less storage space than cotton and it’s smooth texture means that it doesn’t damage delicate hair when drying – unlike rough cotton towels – which is a key concern for clients suffering from hair loss or thinning.


• The Easydry Thermal Towel – this towel is thicker than the other Easydry towels and has a special texture. Both of these features mean it is ideal for heating or chilling – it is ideally suited for use during a Hot Shave as it can be used to open and close the pores. This textured towel measures 43cm x 43cm, and is available in white only.


The Easydry Thermal Towel is 100% hygienic which is a huge priority for hot shaves. To coincide with the launch of this exciting range of products for barbers and male grooming, Easydry is delighted to announce two ambassadors to promote this range – industry gurus, Gary Machin and Chris Foster. Both were delighted to use Easydry products on location recently in Dubai at Beauty World Middle East, where the British Barber Association held their renowned “Barber Battles”.


Gary Machin, Chairmain of the Barber Council and founder of RB Training is a huge fan of the Easydry Barber Range. As Gary explains: “Easydry towels are ideal for male grooming as they are hygienic, high-performing and cost-effective. They are three times more absorbent than cotton and are the best towels for barbers in my opinion.


Gary urges the barber industry to “Leave cotton towels and outdated laundry in the past as Easydry is the better way to dry!” As a world-renowned barber and educator, and director of the Foss Academy, Chris Foster explains, “My guests love the luxury of having a personal towel at every visit and my team love the convenience. Easydry barber towels and thermal towels are totally hygienic and perfect for male grooming – I love them!.”


Chris particularly enjoys the convenience of the towels while doing session work, photoshoots and education around the globe.


Easydry has recently filmed a “how to” hot shave video with Chris. This video shows the correct techniques for performing a hot shave and also demonstrates how to get the very best results from the Easydry Barber Range. This stunning video is due to be released shortly so keep an eye on Easydry social media outlets!

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