Eco Friendly Towels Cut Costs for Hairdressers

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Easydry featured in the Sunday Business Post

Eco Friendly Towels Cut Costs for Hairdressers


Company targets 10,000 clients within five years


Easydry, the Louth company behind a unique eco-friendly disposable towels, has plans to increase its footprint to 10,000 clients globally within the next three to five years.


Easydry is a biodegradable disposable towel for salons, spas and gyms which want to cut the cost of washing and drying standard towels.


Since launching the product in Dundalk in 2005, the company’s founder and chief executive Anne Butterly has signed up about 2,500 customers in Ireland and overseas.

The company has more than ten distributors worldwide. It employs 14 people at its Dundalk headquarters and its overseas bases in Queensland, Australia and North Carolina in the US.


Easydry has a footprint in Britain, Australia, New Zealand, Mexico, Canada and South Africa. The company also has customers in Mexico, South Africa, Malta and Iceland.


“We have a footprint in most of mainland Europe,” Butterly said. “Our focus now is on our newer markets – teh US, Canada and the Middle East.”


Butterly came up with the idea for Easydry while living with friends in Dublin having studied commerce at University College Dublin.


“We were colouring our hair at home and it was very messy,” she said. “I wondered whey there was no alternative to the standard towels we were using, which were covered in stains by the time we were finished.”


Butterly talked to hairdressers in Ireland and discovered that, for many, washing and drying towels and ensuring they always had sufficient fresh supplies was the “bane of their life”.


She said: “I started to research the idea and found that there were 3,000 hair salons in Ireland and 36,000 in Britain. in the US, there are over 200,000, so the potential market was big.”


Easydry has since expanded into the gym and spa sectors with a broader range of disposable biodegradable products, including sports towels, capes, gowns, body wraps and turbans.


The company has 200 salon clients in the Irish market, including the House of Colour chain. It is a client of state agency Enterprise Ireland.


“Enterprise Ireland has really helped us, particularly through their overseas offices,” said Butterly.


When we are moving into a new region, we’ll meet with their team on the ground there and they help us with market research and understanding our cost base.”



By Elaine O’Regan


Reproduced with Kind permission of the Sunday Business Post

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