Green is the New Gold

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First off, we’d like to offer a huge congrats to all the winners at Hair Expo last Monday – there were some incredible entries there and all wins were well-deserved.

One thing that really stood out for us was that the list of winners provided clear evidence that Australia’s hairdressers are grasping the sustainability nettle like never before when it comes to running their businesses.

In fact, of the 13 individual winners, no less than nine were customers of Easydry supplier Orb Distribution (itself a finalist in the Business Performance category), which, as well as our amazing energy and water-saving disposable towels, also supplies recycled aluminium colouring foils from Refoil and water saving Ecoheads for the backwash .

It all goes to show how our message on the importance of making the planet’s needs an integral part of running a business is getting through. Hairdressers are in the front line of the battle to save our precious resources and it’s so gratifying to see that so many are recognising the eco and business benefits that come with reducing our environmental impact.

Of the winners last Monday, the new overall Hairdresser of the Year, Dmitri Papas, from Papas and Pace in Brisbane, is one of those who use Refoil.

Other big names who share Easydry’s vision of environmental responsibility include Jules Tognini (pictured), who won Men’s Hairdresser/Barber of the Year as well as Educator of the Year and Photographic Collection of the Year, and People’s Choice winner and renowned eco-warrior Stevie Corthine from Stevie English Hair.

Stevie, ever willing to set an example and nail his (green) colours to the mast, said: ‘It’s great to get recognition for all the hard work you put in over the year, but even better when you can show that it’s possible to grow your business while reducing your environmental impact. We’re committed to cutting our carbon footprint wherever possible and our clients are behind us every step of the way.’

We’re confident that more and more salon owners will come on board in coming years, and with so many Australian and New Zealand hairdressers now making environmental concerns a key part of their business plans, the real winner has to be the planet.

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