INBUSINESS: Should Apprentices Be Laundry Experts?

Easydry Press Coverage in INSTYLE Magazine - INBUSINESS - Should apprentices be laundry experts?

Should apprentices be laundry experts?

Anne Butterly, Director of Orb Distribution and founder of Easydry, explains how you can get more value from your apprentices.

The hairdressing industry is currently facing an unprecedented shortage of apprentices. Adding to this challenge, the industry is ┬ábracing itself for increased wages – all of which is putting salons, especially smaller salons, under increased pressure for everyone in the salon to perform.

In most salons, apprentices spend a large proportion of their time on laundry and cotton towels – collecting, washing, drying, folding and redistributing clean cotton towels around the salon. Estimates reveal that up to 50 per cent of an apprentices time could be wasted on cotton towels or microfibre and outdated laundry methods!

Salons who have made the easy switch to Easydry have found that their apprentices can spend a significantly larger percentage of their time on training. This change results in happier staff, happier clients and improved training levels for apprentices. One such salon is Gallagher Horner who switched to Easydry from cotton towels a number of years ago.

“We spend a lot of time and money educating our assistants and stylists” Brian Gallagher explains. “With cotton towels and traditional laundry, our assistants were stuck sorting towels instead of being with their designated stylist, learning. I would never go back to cotton towels”, continues Brian, “Gallaher Horner prides itself on providing the best education to its team, and having assistants become laundry experts is not and will not be part of that.”

A stylists focus should be on providing the best service to their clients, not on doing laundry. Put scratchy cotton towels and outdated washing machines and tumble dryers in the past – make the easy switch to Easydry today.

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Reproduced with kind permission of INSTYLE Magazine.

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