MAN’UAL – Master the Easydry Technique for Hot Shaves

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Easydry Hot Shave How To with Gary Machin In MAN'UAL by Modern Barber Magazine in the UK

MAN’UAL – Master the Easydry Technique for Hot Shaves


Gary Machin shares his step-by-step guide to using the Easydry Thermal Towel system in his shave service. To prep your Thermal Towel follow these steps …



1. Unfold the Easydry Thermal Towel to fluff out the fibres


2. Dampen the towel and remove excess moisture


3. Re-fold or roll the towel


4. Heat to the required temperature in a caddy or microwave


5. Check the temperature, gently unroll the towel and use immediately on the client



With it’s unique texture, the Easydry Thermal Towel has been designed to retain heat for any warm treatments, including facials and hot shaves. It can also be used as a chilled towel for facials and as a welcoming hand towel for hospitality.



Use your disposable Easydry Towel in exactly the same way as you would with a regular towel. Supersoft, absorbent and fresh for every client, clean up couldn’t be easier as you just throw them away – safe in the knowledge that it’s biodegradable in just 12 weeks.



Reproduced with kind permission of MAN’UAL by Modern Barber Magazine.

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