Orb Salutes Water Saving Heroes

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It’s hats off to Orb clients, who have smashed all records again this year by using Easydry disposables instead of old-fashioned cotton towels to save millions of litres of the clear stuff during 2014. Topping the Easydry list this year was Wildlife, Woohoo Salon, Oscar Oscar, Axis Hairdressing, Togninis, eSalon, Zucci, Suki Hairdressing and Murphy Gozzard, to mention just a few. Well done, guys.

In this, the 4th year of the awards, Easydry salons together saved more than 6 million litres of clean water over the course of 2014 simply by giving up the hugely wasteful process of washing and drying hundreds of towels, day in, day out.

In addition, Refoil, Easydry’s fellow brand at Orb, saved over 2.6 million litres of water and 160,000 kilowatts of energy. Top marks went to Chumba Concept Salon and Circles of Subiaco for heading the list of Refoil water and energy-saving heroes, with 42,000 litres of water and 2,500 kilowatts of energy saved each, saving more than 7,200kg of carbon emissions by using Refoil premium quality recycled foils.

To celebrate this amazing feat of sustainability, Easydry’s parent, Orb Distribution, sent certificates to every one of its salon partners – if you didn’t get one, call us now! – detailing exactly how much water and energy each saved individually by choosing Easydry and Refoil products. Everyone loves a commendation, and goodness, Easydry salons deserve them, but these certificates are more than just a well done missive. They are purposely designed to be framed and displayed in-salon to show clients their salon’s commitment to saving our precious resources. So, to all our customers: You’ve done amazingly, so why not shout about it? Your clients will be delighted.

Our top chap at Orb, Gavin, certainly was. ‘People across Australia know only too well that we cannot afford to squander our precious water resources,’ he said. ‘I’d like to thank each and every one of the salons that chose Easydry and Refoil and helped make 2014 the best water and energy-saving year yet for Orb brands.’

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