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Easydry Oshibori Towel

The Easydry Oshibori towel is a non-woven, disposable towel that can be heated or chilled. The O-shibori from Easydry is the environmentally friendly way to allow your guests to clean their hands before eating.


The Easydry Oshibori towel is available in white and has a herringbone texture. This product is ideal to heating or chilling and can be heated in a microwave or caddy or with the application of hot water. This product comes folded but it can also be rolled.


As this Easydry disposable towel is single-use, it is totally hygienic and always looks pristine. After use, the O-shibori towel can be thrown away and it breaks down / biodegrades / composts in just twelve weeks.


The Easydry Oshibori towel comes in quantities of 540 or 1080 and it is packed in compostable bags, within a cardboard box. Order the Easydry O-shibori towel now. To learn more about this product, which is also known as a Thermal or a hot / cold towel,

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