Product of the week: Easydry Shoulder Cape

Easydry Shoulder Capes

You probably already love the Easydry disposable towels, but did you know that Easydry also makes incredible Colour Capes?


The Easydry Shoulder Cape is cleverly made from two layers:

  • Absorbent: the top layer is absorbent so it will absorb any drips or excess colour
  • Resistant: the bottom layer is resistant so no colour will seep through to your clients clothing


This product works so well that you will only need to use 1 Easydry Shoulder Cape and 1 Easydry towel on each of your colour clients. This will streamline the amount of products you use on each colour client and will make the service more comfortable for them.


The Easydry Colour Cape is recyclable and more eco-friendly than plastic capes and it looks great on your clients shoulders while you are performing the colour service. This incredible product comes in black and in boxes of 150 Capes.


Why not add a bag of 150 Easydry Black Colour Capes to your usual order of towels today?

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