Refoil Product Range

Refoil Pop Ups from Orb Distribution
Refoil Product Range
Did you know that Orb Distribution stocks a full range of products from Refoil. Whatever type of foil you need, we have you covered. This exciting eco-friendly range includes products from catering foil to pre cuts and the latest edition to the family – Refoil Popups. Here is a run down of some of the products:


Refoil Catering Foil: The Refoil catering range includes Heavy duty and traditional catering foil. Both options are made from the same premium-quality recycled aluminium as the other Refoil products. Now you can have the cost-effectiveness of catering rolls, but with a professional-grade salon foil. To learn more, click HERE.


Refoil Classic: this has long been regarded as Australia’s favorite salon professional roll. For years salons have been in love with this jumbo roll, weighing in at 2 kilos. It is a true classic that has stood the test of time, it is great for colourists who like high-strength, premium-quality foil that gives you the freedom to cut your foil in any size you like. To learn more, click HERE.


Refoil Pre Cuts: our range of Refoil pre cuts includes Large, Medium and Refoil Pop Ups. These Refoil pre-cuts are a real treat for the colourist who cares about quality, style and the environment. Our premium quality recycled aluminium pre-cuts include a large selection of sizes in a stylish and practical box that fits any salon trolley. To learn more, click HERE.
Say goodbye to foil cutting, foil folding and foil wastage! To view the full Refoil range, click HERE.


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