Tea towels and food poisoning

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Easydry blog on tea towel hygiene and why Easydry disposable towels are better

Tea towels and food poisoning


There have been a number of reports in the media recently linking tea towels to food poisoning! The reports stated that multi-use cotton or nylon towels used in kitchen had high levels of bacteria – in fact, bacterial growth was found in a staggering 49% of kitchen towels. Tea towels used to wipe surfaces had higher levels of bacteria than towels that were used for a single purpose only, like drying hands or dishes. Also, the amount of bacteria rose in larger families and families with children.


These reports are frightening and force us to examine what we use in the kitchen and how we use it. Reports advise that we should launder tea towels after every use. However, this can be expensive and time consuming. Plus most low temperature laundry cycles do not remove all bacteria. The research also recommends having a tea towel for a single purpose, but this can be difficult to manage in a busy kitchen.



Easydry has the answer! Easydry towels are ideal for use in the kitchen as they are made in a clean room environment and as they are disposable, there is less concern about bacteria. Simply  use an Easydry in the kitchen as a tea towel and then throw it away with your compostable waste. There is no longer any need to worry about laundering cotton or nylon tea towels and removing bacteria! Save time, money and worry with Easydry!

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