The problem with cotton towels

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Easydry blog on tea towel hygiene and why Easydry disposable towels are better

Where do I begin? Does your salon struggle to keep cotton towels looking and smelling fresh, plush and premium? Have you noticed bleach stains or colour stains on your towels? Join the club!

Common problems salon owners notice with cotton towels include:

1. Bleach stains

2. Colour stains

3. Faded towel colour

4. Towels looking old, tired or scratchy

5. Smells / odours


Easydry Blog on the problems with cotton towels in the salon


Salons around the world have started to realise that cotton towels are fast becoming obsolete. Salons no longer have the time or the staff to waste on laborious laundry.


art salons have cottoned on to the fact that Easydry disposable towels can save them time, space, energy, effort and money! Think about how much time laundry takes up in your business. What else could you do with that time? You could be marketing your salon, spending time on training and learning new techniques, talking to your clients.


If you haven’t already tried an Easydry towel, why not order some and get started today.

Easydry is the answer to smelly cotton towels in the salon

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