How can a disposable towel be better for the environment?

Laundering hundreds of cotton towels, week in, week out, wastes huge amounts of water and energy, not to mention introducing vast quantities of bleach, detergents and other cleaning chemicals into the environment. Cotton is also the most heavily polluting crop in the world, using tons of pesticides and chemical fertilisers, demanding constant artificial irrigation and stripping soils of nutrients. By choosing Easydry disposable towels, you will be helping prevent these eco-disastrous practices.

They seem a bit thin. Can they really dry as well as cotton towels?

Our patented Waterweave™ construction makes Easydry up to three times more absorbent than cotton, so they soak up all you can throw at them and more.

How can they save me money?

Taking into account the cost of fuel and water needed to wash and dry old-fashioned cotton towels, the cost of replacing them and buying and maintaining washers and dryers, plus the man-hours it takes to launder and sort them, Easydry can save 25% off the cost of ensuring a constant supply of clean towels.

My clients like our soft, fluffy cotton towels.

Sadly, cotton towels don’t stay soft and fluffy for long, but soon become overwashed, scruffy and scratchy. Cotton towels are also a breeding ground for bacteria, even after washing. Explaining the environmental and hygiene benefits to clients will soon convince them that Easydry is the better way to dry.

How do you recycle Easydry?

Easydry disposable towels are simply recycled as cardboard. Contact your local recycling company for advice. If you do put them out with the rubbish they will decompose completely within 12 weeks. But first think about how you can reuse them. They are excellent for polishing glass and mirrors, they double as wipes or you can pass them on to clients or other businesses such as garages and dog walkers.

What are Easydry towels made of?

Easydry disposable towels are made of wood, just like paper, and only wood. There is absolutely no plastic in Easydry eco-towels.

What are Easydry’s environmental principles?

Production processes are guided by the following ecological considerations:

  • Easydry materials are derived from wood fibre raw materials. The products made from these raw materials support the environment and fully meet consumer demands.
  • Any wood used for Easydry products is certified and comes exclusively from forests that are managed in line with forestry regulations (Pan-European Forest Certification).
  • Trees used are grown on land unsuitable for food crops and no fertilisers, pesticides or artificial irrigation are used.

Raw material production is continuously monitored and evaluated by internal and external assessment. Numerous awards for environmentally sound manufacturing processes have been awarded such as the European Flower and European Award for the Environment.

How many should I use?

Use as you would cotton towels, but remember Easydry disposable towels are super-absorbent and you may find you use fewer of them.