Environmentally Friendly






What is Easydry?

Easydry is a revolutionary new textile that provides an eco-friendly, hygienic, hassle-free and cost-effective alternative to traditional laundry systems.

Better for your business

Used by the most forward-thinking businesses in the world including Caterina DiBiase, Wildlife Hair and Andrew Barton, Easydry’s disposable eco-towels and capes simplify salon life by ending the constant hassle of ensuring a constant supply of clean towels. No more reliance on laundries that fail to deliver or expensive washing machines and tumble dryers that keep breaking down. Unique Waterweave™ technology makes Easydry up to three times more absorbent than cotton, while patented UATT (Ultra Anti-Tear Technology) construction means the towels will never rip or fall apart, even when wet. And when you’re done with them, simply put used towels out with the recycling. Even better, using Easydry disposable towels works out 25% cheaper than laundering cotton towels.

Better for clients

Easydry’s soft, absorbent disposable towels provide a premium service for clients. A fresh, new towel every time guarantees the highest standards of cleanliness and offers the ultimate reassurance of hygiene. Informed clients also welcome the chance to do their bit for the planet.

Better for the environment

By eliminating the need for laundry Easydry ends the huge waste of water and energy needed to wash and dry hundreds of cotton towels week in, week out and stops vast quantities of detergents, bleaches and cleaning chemicals being washed down the drain and into the environment. Made exclusively from natural, wood-based fibres, they will break down completely in compost conditions within 12 weeks.

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