Worried about towel hygiene

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Worried about how clean your cotton towels are?


Washing machine manufacturers long ago recognised that people don’t time to hand wash their delicate items and they have installed cool-wash settings that, combined with modern detergents, promise to leave clothes clean and fresh after washing at what were previously unthinkably low temperatures. The problem is that bacteria have not cottoned on to the idea that low-temperature washes will get your laundry totally clean. And the problem is particularly obvious with cotton towels.


The simple fact is that microorganisms such as MRSA are a lot tougher than we give them credit for and can survive modern laundry cycles. Bleach-free detergents and low-temperature wash cycles we use these days are simply not enough to disinfectant the laundry.


So, you’re thinking, how does this affect me? Well, for those of you still using cotton towels in your salon, you’ll need to check your laundry system is up to the job. In fact, to be sure of killing all bacteria and guarantee you won’t be giving your clients a few bugs to go with their new hairstyle, you’ll need to wash towels at temperatures of at least 60 degrees PLUS use a detergent containing bleach. You’ll also have to tumble dry your towels at high temperatures and regularly disinfect the washing machine drum. Trouble is, that uses up loads of costly energy, pumps gallons of harmful chemicals out in to the environment and, horror of horrors, quickly turns your lovely new fluffy towels into scratchy old rags.


Of course, there is an alternative – ditch the costly, wasteful and unhygienic cotton towels and join the thousands of hairdressers who have switched to our beloved Easydry disposables. With a fresh, new towel for every client, every time, you can guarantee absolute towel hygiene for each and every one of your clients while minimising your impact on the planet. And as Easydry is cheaper than laundering hundreds of cotton towels week in, week out, you’ll also be saving money.

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